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Successful businesses depend on reliable vehicles, and a day without your truck can mean a day without pay. Whether you’re hauling gravel across town or inventory across the state, you can’t afford to be without your wheels. That’s why we’ve made it our business to keep your business on the road.

Savings and Service

Did you know that Progressive is one of the largest commercial auto insurance groups in the country? We’ve
been serving businesses like yours for more than a quarter century, and understand and appreciate your need to keep costs low. Through innovative savings programs and discounts, we’re committed to watching your bottom line as much as ours. But it doesn’t stop there. At Progressive,we’re dedicated to keeping you on the road and at work, even if you have a claim.


  • Competitive rates, including increased savings for experienced businesses, veteran truckers, safe drivers, and continuous insurance coverage

  • Coverage for all types of commercial cars and trucks, including pickups, tow trucks, flatbeds, tractor-trailers, SUVs, vans, and dump trucks

  • Flexible and customizable coverage options like Seasonal Business coverage

  • Claims and customer service that’s available 24/7

  • Flexible payment plans tailored to your specific business needs

  • Any Business, Any Time

    Whether your business has been around for decades or you’re a new venture, Progressive offers affordable new business insurance options for many business types including:

  • Landscaping and Snowplowing

  • Construction, Farming, Logging, and Freight

  • Dirt, Sand, and Gravel Hauling (except California) and Trucking-for-Hire

  • Contractors and Artisans

  • Courier and Delivery Services

  • Restaurant and Food Services

  • Wholesale Trade

  • Pay Plans that Work for You

    Expenses accumulate quickly when you’re running a business, and insurance can be one of your main operating costs. That’s why Progressive’s commercial auto program is competitively priced and offers a variety of payment options and discounts depending on your particular needs.

    Quick and Easy Claims Handling

    When your car or truck is in an accident and needs repair, it’s more than just an inconvenience—it affects your business. Progressive’s in-house truck claims specialists are experts with an average 15 years of experience in truck repair. They’re committed to handling your claim quickly and accurately so that you get back on the road right away. In many areas, we have concierge service centers with
    specialized professionals who take care of everything for you. Or, you can choose from one of Progressive’s trusted pre-approved repair shops. Either way, you’ll get our Limited Lifetime Guarantee on your repairs for as long as you own or lease the vehicle.

    Trust US

    Encore Insurance Inc, we are experts that can help you insure your commercial vehicles with affordable and effective coverage, convenient pay plans, and reliability.



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